Heidiland Viator tour

Heidiland Viator tour: From Zurich to Liechtenstein

Get lost in a world of mountains, valleys, alpine lakes, meadows, and fascinating scenic routes on a guided coach tour from Zurich to Heidiland and Liechtenstein. Ok, I know that sounds a lot like advertising. But seriously, I can’t word it any other way – the possibilities are endless on the Heidiland Viator tour. The full day trip offered by Viator includes a city tour of Zurich, Rapperswil Old Town, Heidiland and the Liechtenstein Principality. The trip is from 11am to 6pm and gives you an exclusive view of some of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland.

We were only in Zurich for a few days and the Heidiland Viator tour allowed us to see so much more of this incredible country than would otherwise have been possible. There are a number of tours on offer, so if you prefer something different, you could always take a tour into the Swiss Alps or tour Mount Pilatus in Summer. The truth is, it doesn’t matter which tour you choose, it’s a wonderful way to see a lot more of a breathtaking country.

Heidiland Viator tour

The lowdown on the Liechtenstein and Heidiland Viator tour

We started off in the Zurich city centre and were greeted by a very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide, from the moment we set foot on the coach. His name was Marchello and coincidently, he was a Swiss man who had lived in South Africa for 16 years. Thus, we had a lot to talk about. He was truly amazing with endless interesting facts to share about Switzerland and many of his own travel stories.

Probably most incredible was that he spoke ten languages, including Afrikaans. A language spoken only in South Africa, it’s truly impressive to hear someone of another nationality speak it. Our tour was full of people from all over the world and Marchello spent the whole day switching between English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and of course, Afrikaans. He was 100% committed to his tour guide role in the Heidiland Viator tour.

1. First stop: Zurich City

The first part of the trip is a panoramic tour of Switzerland’s cultural capital, Zurich. We stopped off to snap some photos of the city from just outside the University of Zurich. It was quite cloudy so we didn’t get great pictures but if you go here on a clear day I imagine the photo’s would be epic.

Since we were staying in Zurich and had plenty of time to explore the city, this wasn’t the highlight of the tour but it’s definitely worth seeing from a different point of view and with a tour guide giving you all the background information. It was a great way to discover a part of the city we wanted to explore more of.

Heidiland Viator tour: Zurich

2. Second Stop: Rapperswil

After our city tour, we followed Lake Zurich all the way to Rapperswil, the city of roses. More than 16,000 roses flower in the rose gardens of the Capuchin monastery and on the “Schanz”. The Schanz is a rose garden for the blind, home to particularly fragrant roses, of which names are written in braille on guide panels. Unfortunately we were not there during the “Rose season” but this town is spectacular. You will find a medieval castle at the centre of the picturesque streets of Rapperswil and breathtaking views of the surrounding town from the castle perched on top of the high hill found up a staircase.

This is also where we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Falkenberg. We didn’t have much time to “fine-dine” since we still had a busy day ahead of us but we indulged in some traditional quiche. I’ve eaten quiche a few times in my life but I’m convinced that nothing can beat the Swiss version. It was tasty, fresh and filling. To be honest, I can hardly remember what was in it but I enjoyed every minute of chewing. Peter naturally had a local beer with his meal and I opted for a cappuccino. For those of you who don’t know, I am a coffee addict! I can’t go anywhere without getting my dose of caffeine. Much to my delight, the coffee in Switzerland was amazing, I didn’t have a bad cup the entire trip #winning 🙂

3. Third stop: Lietchenstein

After filling our bellies and exploring Rapperswil, we hit the road again and made our way over to Liechtenstein. The drive here is truly beautiful, with panoramic views of the Alps and scenery of pretty hills and valleys along the way. Setting foot in Liechtenstein was a surreal experience. It kind of feels like a country within a country and while we didn’t get to explore that much of it (we were only in the capital, Vaduz), we still got a taste of the 6th smallest country in the world.

We’ve heard the discussions many times before, it’s not about just “ticking countries off the list”. While I do agree, I will be honest, it is a little bit about that. It’s a constant reminder to us of how blessed we are to be seeing so much of this beautiful world. We live on a planet that is so full of hidden treasures and untouched gems and I want to see and experience as much of it as I possibly can. I love that the Heidiland Viator tour covers this incredible country.

Liechtenstein has the natural beauty of Switzerland but the added advantage of small town charm.  If you are collecting passport stamps from all the countries you visit, you can get your stamp at the local post office. We didn’t bother because we don’t get any stamps in Europe, something which does not sit well with me because I would love a passport full of stamps. We travel on British passports, which are Electronic throughout Europe 🙁 Lol. I’m grateful because they get us places but I would love a few stamps.

4. Last stop: Heidiland

Finally, after leaving Liechtenstein, we make our way to Heidiland to end off our tour. This is probably the highlight of the trip for most people. This region stretches from the western part of Lake Walen to Bad Ragaz in Eastern Switzerland. It’s hard not to stare out over the hills and into the distant horizon, filled with complete awe at the view in front of you.

You can even go into Heidi’s house for just 9 CHF. It’s really cute and will only take you about 10-15 minutes to explore. If you’re not interested in seeing inside the house, the surrounding views are enough to keep you captivated. Heidiland is one of the most iconic areas in all of Switzerland so it’s definitely a must see if possible.

After Heidiland we headed back to Zurich in time for dinner and a fabulous evening filled with fun and wine. I couldn’t recommend the Heidiland Viator tour enough. From our tour guide, to the site seeing to the food, everything was perfect.

What’s included:

  • Professional tour guide
  • Transport by coach

What’s not included:

  • Food and drinks (there is water to purchase on the coach)
  • Hotel pickup and dropoff (you need to make your own way to the coach)


  • Fantastic tour guide, Marchello
  • Fun filled day with people from all over the world
  • Breathtaking views of a breathtaking country

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This is getting me so excited for our upcoming trip to the area in a couple of months. We’re flying in to Zurich but plan to rent a car and drive around. I’m looking forward to seeing some of this incredible scenery!


Oh my goodness I cannot wait to go to Zurich! What an experience! Thank you so much for sharing.. gorgeous picture too! <3

Jenny Ventura

Zurich is on my list and this post made me want to start planning! Only downside is that the weather doesn’t seem great – great photos though!


Thank you for sharing this. My husband and I are planning to include Lietchenstein in one of our travels to Europe. This definitely helps as we can travel to Switzerland and include this day trip

Thank you!


I loved Zurich, but now I’m regretting because I didn’t find time to visit Liechtenstein. Traveling around must be so beautiful. Stunning landscapes.

Tiffany H.

Wow, the tour guide spoke 10 languages, I am very very impressed at the skills he has acquired. I often look on Viator but have never actually booked a tour, glad to see all went well. I have never tasted quiche, what are the ingredients


This sounds like my kind of trip! Zurich looks lovely and your photos do it justice. Can’t wait to visit some me day

Rachel Silverwood

Thanks for sharing this post! I’m heading to Zurich soon, and will definitely have to venture outside the town to explore the surrounding area after reading!

Amrita Sen

Sounds like you had a fabulous trip! I am really intrigued by your guide who knows 10 languages. The place looks so lovely.

Yvette Benhamou

I also love a passport full of stamps and was a little bummed last time I drove to Canada when I didn’t get one! Oh well. The tour looks like an incredible way to experience the two countries. I love how yours like this allow you to focus on the architecture and historyof a place without being bothered by organizing the minutiae and navigating foreign terrain. Also, I’ve always found the guides to impart such a wealth of information (as it seems like yours did).


Sounds like a very good idea to visit Liechtenstein in a day trip while in Zurich. I got with the panoramic tour that maybe skip it and have more time in the Principate. Bute hey, I would do it like in the first day as to get to know the city a little bit and to help with the orientation


Never been to Heidiland, but love Zurich (where I live), Rapperswil and Liechtenstein. Great article! Thanks for sharing 🙂


I love detailed posts like this where you break down what’s included and what’s not included! So helpful! Thank you!