Good Reasons For Going On A Traveller’s Gap Year

Going on holiday is one thing, but travelling is another. What’s that, they’re the same you say? No, they’re similar in many ways but they are fundamentally different. A holiday is one which you seek to go on for leisure, relaxing and taking life slow. It’s done in a planned, signed sealed and delivered manner. You know the hotel you’re staying in months out and the kinds of sights you’ll want to see. Travelling is all about exploration. It’s half planned, half spontaneous. You’re on a mission to have an adventure, see parts of the world that even holiday brochures rarely cover. Travelling is getting a much more authentic look at the countries around the world. But it’s also hard work as you’re usually living out of your rucksack and having a hearty dinner every night is not a given. So why would you want to go on a travelling gap year whereby you just explore as much of the world as you can?

Easier to pay for

Now more than ever before, your options for funding your travels are wider than ever. One of them is to use an ‘anchor loan’. This type of loan is called a guarantor loan. Read through some of the best guarantor loans and you’ll see they offer a lot of money for a simple guarantee from you also. A guarantor is someone who elects to be your anchor, they will foot the bill when or if you cannot. If you cannot make the payment required by the loan company, they will then be responsible. It’s about trust and reassurance. The reason for this is because guarantor loans are offered to those with horrible credit. Even if you have a history that banks and other loan companies would likely avoid, you can still be accepted by a guarantor loan company. Quite simply, they have a backup if you fail to meet your obligations. 

Easier to travel by plane

With cheap airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet, you can now travel the world for a very cheap price. There’s even an argument to be made that while air travel prices have gone down over this decade, train tickets have gone up. Even some cruises are cheaper than transcontinental train journeys. You would think that by rail, it would be cheaper but because of the scale of the aero industry, commercial airlines are offering dirt cheap tickets. There are also more pilots in smaller countries that can allow you to ‘island hop’. For example there are water plane pilots in the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam that can take you to the smaller less well known islands to explore. 

Get ready to compete

The modern world of work is very competitive. Young and old professionals are facing a whole new world of global markets and talent. A great accountant from Singapore looking for a job in London has just as much chance as a born and bread citizen with similar qualifications. It’s a very hotly contested world out there. So before you really knuckle down and chase your career ambitions, it’s wise to go on at least 1 full year of adventures. If you have the travel bug, you might find it difficult to leave work for weeks at a time and still have the same opportunities. Business owners have to keep the ball rolling and even if you’re a great talent, they need reliable employees. By dedicating one whole year of continual travel in the countries you have always been fascinated by, you’re able to get your fill and then focus on your career when you’re at home.

Access to local guides

It’s little wonder that more and more people want to travel and explore rather than stick to sunbathing on a beach for two weeks. The amount of local guides using international companies to advertise their guide plans has risen dramatically in this decade as well. A born and bread local can work together with international travel agencies to take you under their wing, show you around the neighborhoods they grew up in and give you access to less well known points to a city or mountain range. 

Travelling is so much more fun than going on holiday. It’s less regimented, you never know how the day might end and you can put on your Indiana Jones hat to go exploring. Cheaper flights allow this to happen on an international scale but local pilots can also take you to smaller offshore islands too. You might want to get all your travelling done for a while before you head back into the real world to get ahead in your career. 

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